Infection 3

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Jewelz Blu receives a voice message from her friend, Victoria Voxxx who is supposed to visit her. Victoria says that all flights are cancelled so it will take some more time to get there. Jewelz turns on the TV to check the news and she sees troubling news about the alien parasites that seem to appear all over the country.

She gets worried and starts to fortify her windows and doors so nothing can come in. However, she didn’t know that one of the tiny aliens is already inside the house… When she goes to sleep at night, the creature slides inside her ears and takes control of her.

The next day, her friend Victoria arrives at Jewelz’ house, but she is nowhere to be found. As she is looking around, suddenly Jewelz appears behind her and pins her down. She is trying to fight back, she can’t stop Jewelz from transferring an alien bug inside her mouth. Moments later, both of the girls are under the control of the aliens.

The uncontrollable craving for sex drives them into crazy lesbian action. Alien slime is dripping from them and they are eating each other’s pussy like never before. They want more intense pleasure so they keep going harder and harder until both of them reach orgasm…