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Veronica Leal and her lab assistant, Zawaadi are working on a secret project in the laboratory. Veronica is a demanding boss and she is pushing her assistant to work faster, so Zawaadi has enough. She lets an alien parasite loose. When Veronica notices the alien creature it’s too late for her and Zawaadi is nowhere to be seen.

The next moment, she wakes up in a black room, with Zawaadi standing in front of her, while an alien parasite is coming out of her pussy. Zawaadi commands the transformed Veronica to worship her and their intense lesbian scene starts. Veronica pleasures her queen and satisfies all her desires and requests until Zawaadi squirts all over her face.

Once the parasite queen is done with Veronica, she shrinks smaller and smaller, being absorbed by Zawaadi’s pussy, joining hundreds of other victims